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Let our Experts Return your ŠKODA to Perfect

If your ŠKODA has been involved in an accident, collision, or minor incident, ensure a genuine repair by choosing a ŠKODA Approved Accident Repair Centre.

Our entire network of ŠKODA Approved Accident Repair Centres is trained in a full range of paint and bodywork services to ensure you and your ŠKODA are back on the road as soon as possible.

Our 3-year ŠKODA Repair Authenticity Guarantee certifies that genuine parts and paint, ŠKODA-trained experts, and ŠKODA-specified repair techniques are used during your ŠKODA’s restoration.

So, if you require body repair, or minor paint replenishments, a ŠKODA Approved Accident Repair Centre is the best place to get your car back to perfect.

*To ensure your ŠKODA was repaired to the highest quality, collect your ŠKODA Accident Repair Authenticity Guarantee certificate when your vehicle repair is complete.

Crash repair

Buy Now, Pay Later

Many of our ŠKODA Approved Accident Repairers offer flexible payment options. Buy Now, Pay Later is the hassle-free way to spread the cost of your bumper repair, dent removal, paint respray or panel replacement at no additional expense.

  • Split any bill up to £3,000 and spread the cost.
  • Choose the repayment date and option to delay payments.
  • No fees, no interest to pay.
  • High acceptance rate and no impact on credit score.

Contact us today for a quote.

Approved crash repairer

Choosing to repair your ŠKODA with one of our Approved Repairers means you can trust our experts to return your car to perfect.

Our ŠKODA Repairers use genuine ŠKODA parts and ŠKODA specified paint, which are designed to bring your vehicle back to its original condition and ensure an immaculate finish.

So, for complete peace of mind, choose a ŠKODA Approved Repairer to ensure a genuine repair.

Approved crash repairer

Your ŠKODA is built with advanced materials and parts engineered to work together for your safety. It’s designed to protect you in an accident, so any repairs made to your ŠKODA are very important. Our expert technicians are trained to ensure your protection using ŠKODA approved repair methods and equipment.

So choose to repair your ŠKODA with an Approved Accident Repair Centre, because no one knows your ŠKODA better than the people who built it.

Approved crash repairer

Our 3-year Repair Authenticity Guarantee means you can have absolute confidence that our ŠKODA Approved Repairer will return your ŠKODA to the highest possible standard.

When you choose us, you will also receive flexible payment options, hassle-free returns for Retailer leased or financed vehicles, a complimentary courtesy car* and top rated customer satisfaction.

So choose to repair your ŠKODA with an Approved Accident Repair Centre, because no-one knows your ŠKODA better than the people who built it.

*Subject to availability.